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Snow Removal Services

Is your Business, Property or HOA ready for a harsh Pennsylvania winter?

Every winter, the Philadelphia area gets hammered with at least one major snowstorm. Be ready for when that time comes so your parking lots, driveways, sidewalks and complex is clear of snow, ice and slush.

During the winter months, our landscaping crew suits up and clears snow from many of the business parking lots, churches, shopping centers around Chester and Montgomery County. Our 24/7 snow removal crews consist of three plow trucks, a skid loader, and complete with a salt truck. We are fully insured, reliable, and responsible and want to provide a first-class working experience with our customers and build long-lasting relationships.

Snow Removal Services Provided

  • Plowing
  • Ice Melt Applications
  • Shoveling

How We Price Snow Removal

We can handle any size commercial lot and multiple properties. Fully insured and licensed.

  1. Per Inch Pricing (Incremental) – Fixed rate for each snowfall interval. We provide a snowfall and ice accumulation report for your zip code.
  2. Multi-Year Seasonal Rate – We determine a fixed rate for the entire snow season based on the prior year’s average snowfall. Our seasonal rate includes all snow removal, salting, shoveling, etc. for the season.
  3. Time and Materials – We provide a per hour rate for equipment and salting materials and you are billed based on hours worked and materials used for each snow event.

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Major Snowstorms Since 2010 in Philadelphia

21.9″February 6, 2010
19.4″January 23, 2016
14.2″January 26, 2011
13.5″January 21, 2014
8.6″December 8, 2013
Measured at Philadelphia Intl Airport, storms over 8″ in a 24 hour period.
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