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Planning Your Patio

Marc Zarelli

Your patio (or outdoor living area) should be a place of pride, as well as a place where you can relax and unwind. Whether you’re with friends and family or enjoying a moment of solitude, how you express yourself in your landscape requires some thought and planning.

Here are some questions to consider while you are formulating your dream outdoor living space:

  • What challenges does your site present?
  • What opportunities does your site present?
  • How will you be using your outdoor living space?
  • Do you have small children or other factors that present safety concerns in your landscape?
  • What’s your budget for designing your landscape?
  • What’s your budget for maintaining it?

You’ve most likely been looking at Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration. Be sure to save those pictures so you can share them with your landscape design team. From an overall feel, to a small detail, expressing your likes and dislikes helps create a 3D rendering that closest resembles your vision.

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